Vacancy: Coordinator

The advisory team of REGENN is looking for a new coordinator to join the team. The main tasks of the coordinator will be related to communication: coordinate the content and distribution of the newsletter (four times per year), update the website and manage the REGENN e-mail inbox. For this reason, we are looking for someone with experience in Mailchimp and WordPress.

Other activities include thinking along with the advisory team in organizing REGENN events such as public lectures, and assisting in organizing the REGENN Research Week. You will be working alongside coordinator Laura Dijkhuizen. The estimation is that on average, you will spend one or two hours per week on your tasks as a coordinator, with a ‘peak’ leading up to the Research Week in January. 

What is in it for you? As a REGENN coordinator, you will be on top of recent developments related to the intersectional study of religion in the Netherlands. You will participate in the REGENN Research Week for free. And you are able to add the function of coordinator to your track record.  

If you are interested to become the new coordinator, please contact Mariecke van den Berg: before 31 March.  

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